I have been sooooo busy….

Firstly, apologies to those who follow me on a weekly basis. I have just been so busy with cakes of various descriptions, as well as family ‘things’ and of course, Christmas preparations. I have made a birthday cake and cupcakes since I last posted. Also I have started on my dummy wedding cake for January, with ‘different’ flowers. If you want to know how they are different, you will have to wait until January for the unveiling! Well, it is nearly Christmas, and apart from 7 sponge cakes (including one for my Mum), wanted for Christmas Eve, and a birthday cake wanted for the 27th, I think that is it on the baking side until the New Year. It has certainly been a busy year, and I have loved meeting customers old (in the nicest way) and new, and here’s to 2017!