Birthday Cakes

Happy New Year…

After a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year, I stepped back into cake making for 2020 with a 3 tier birthday cake. Despite the break, I can still make a good cake, as you will see from the testimonial remarks from Jason. This week has another birthday cake to be made, and […]

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Christmas cakes all gone…

I made 30 Christmas cakes ranging from 3″ to 6″ in my usual rich fruit cake recipe in January and February, with them being ‘fed’ regularly. I am pleased to tell, that with 2 Christmas fayres and orders direct, they have all been sold. I have also just completed my last birthday cake order for […]

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The work must be finished…

Despite feeling very under the weather this week, I have managed to complete all of my orders. This has included a ‘ski slope’, a rugby pitch and a TV figure birthday cakes, together with orders for 2 Christmas cakes. I can now take a breath, and prepare for another Christmas fayre next week. The joy […]

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Quite a busy week…

Last week has been all about birthdays. A gaming cake for a 9 year old lad, a unicorn cake for a very special lady, and a picture cake for a 90 year old great grandad. Again, all very different, but special in their own way. As well as 3 more birthday cakes for this week, […]

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