Cake Varieties

The quality of the cake is as important as the decoration. Many types of cakes are offered and different types of sponge cake may be requested for different layers of a Wedding cake even if the cakes are stacked.

All cakes are home-made with the finest ingredients and all sponge cakes are made a few days before the occasion, i.e. they are never frozen.

Samples of my rich fruit cake and any of the sponges are available at your consultation.

Rich Fruit Cake

All of my rich fruit cakes are made using my Grandma’s special recipe, and do not contain nuts or mixed peel. After marinating the fruit in brandy, the cake is made at least six months in advance of your occasion and liberally fed with brandy whilst maturing, to ensure a rich, moist cake with a home-made flavour. Coated in a layer of marzipan the cake is then covered in sugarpaste, ready to decorate.

Vanilla Sponge Cake

This sponge cake is made using the finest ingredients, including fresh eggs from my own certified chickens, and homemade jam when available. Over the past 30+ years of baking, I think I have perfected my sponge making, and I trust that you will agree.

Chocolate Cake

This cake is made using the Vanilla sponge cake basic mix and then cocoa powder is added for the real chocolate taste. Chocolate chips can also be added if requested. This sponge is then filled with chocolate buttercream before covering with the sugarpaste ready for decorating.

Lemon Cake

This sponge cake is flavoured with lemon essence to give a truly special taste and filled with a generous layer of lemon curd. Always popular as one of the tiers of a wedding cake, the lemon flavouring ensures a crisp, light taste. This cake is then covered in sugarpaste ready for decorating.

Carrot Cake and Coffee Sponge are also available on request.

For an aesthetically pleasing 3 tier Wedding cake, 10, 8, 6 inches (25, 20, 15 cm), or 11, 8, 5 inches (27, 20, 12.5 cm) is usually suitable, although 12, 9, 6 inches (30, 22.5, 15 cm), gives more portions for a larger number of guests. Please note that due to the way tiers on cakes are now set up, you can have a mixture of fruit and sponge flavours, without having to have the bottom or largest tier as the fruit cake.

Dummy Cake

This is made of polystyrene which can be any size or shape to add volume to a tiered cake. This means that if you would like a 4 tiered cake, but only need 3 tiers of actual cake, the 4th tier (any size) can be a dummy and decorated to match the remainder of your bespoke design.